Charlton Life, Down At The Mac, Owlstalk....

edited November 2011 in General Charlton
We're only in November but already the 'trolling' wars of 2011/2012 are well and truly underway.

I must say I do read other forums quite regularly (never bother signing up for any of them, mind), to see what other team's fans are saying about us - particularly before and after the respective games between two clubs.

I know this happens every season but I do feel that the intensity of the debate has been cranked up a notch this time round.  Much of this has a lot to do with the league being quite competitive as well as there seemingly being 3 particularly strong challengers for promotion this year, vying for only 2 automatic places.  This is reflected in the nature of the discussion and I think that fans of all three teams are feeling the pressure...I wonder whether similar things run through the minds of the players?

In any case, I do find the banter incredibly entertaining.  Some of the comments are completely out-of-touch, both from the opposition and ourselves.  I wonder where the debate will go from here if us, Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday are still going relatively strong come March/April next year?!  God help us! *cackles*


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